MoMoCa test

The MoMoCa test (“Modified MoCA”) implements exemplary tasks from various tests to determine the cognitive impairment of potentially dementia patients. It is mainly based on the MoCA test (Montreal Cognitive Assessment), but a task from the DemTect (Dementia Detection)developed by the University Hospital Bochum was also used.

In this test, tasks are posed to different areas of the cognitive abilities of humans. These are: visuospatial/executive, memory, attention, language, abstraction and orientation.

The MoMoCa test is only an exemplary implementation of various tasks from dementia detection tests and not a complete test. The result is not meaningful and cannot be used for self-diagnosis or external diagnosis.

Connect the circles, alternating between a number and a letter, in ascending order: 1-A-2-B-…

Draw a clock. Insert all digits and set the time to

Write the name of the animal in the input field below the picture. Small spelling mistakes will be tolerated.

You will hear five words. Please remember them and enter them in the input field. Remember the words afterwards, they will be asked again at the end of the test

Write as many different words as possible in the input field that begin with “F”. This task works only with german words at the moment.

Write out the given numbers as text and convert the text into a number (example: 5 → five, three → 3):

Continuous subtraction from 7, starting with ¤:

You are buying ¤¤¤ of groceries. How much change would you receive back from a $5 bill?
$  €

You hear two sequences of numbers. Type the numbers you heard into the respective field. In the first sequence, in the order in which you heard the numbers. In the second order, in the reverse order.

Click on “Start” to hear a sequence of letters. Then always click on the “A” button when you hear an “A”.

Write today's day of the week, date, month, and year in the corresponding field.

Write the sentences you hear in the corresponding input field.

Specify the category to which each of the two terms belongs. For example, “Orange” and “Banana” both belong to the “Fruit” category.

You heard some words earlier that you should remember. Please write as many words as you remember in the text box as possible.

You see a sequence of random images. Each time you see a picture that has already been shown in this sequence, please press the space bar. Click “Start” to start the task.


TaskPointsmax. Pts.
Connecting circles 1
Draw clock
Naming animals 3
Words with “F” 1
Converting numbers 4
Subtracting 3
Change 1
Repeat numbers 2
Knock / click 1
Date 4
Repeat sentences 2
Similarities 2
Delayed recall 5
Memorize pictures 4