“Die Mitwisser” - an outstanding play by Philipp Löhle, was excellently staged by Angelika Relin and Ercan Karacayli. The performance of the actors was excellent. We warmly recommend a visit to the play in the Torturmtheater Sommerhausen.

In a playful way, the piece illustrates the incapacitation of people through AI-based online techniques, the development of which nowadays takes place in such a rapid manner that people often feel overwhelmed by it without really understanding it. In this respect, the presented form of the AI (“Mr. Kwant”) corresponds extremely well as a counterpart to our IASON project, so to speak as the other side of the mirror.

In the following we refer to the program booklet of the play. An essay on the role of the KI, written jointly by Dr. Thomas Fritsch, our CEO, and Angelika Relin, the director of the Torturmtheater Sommerhausen, as the result of a fruitful dialogue, can be read here as a PDF file (German only).